Wedding Cake Toppers

Unconventional Wedding Calls for Unconventional Wedding Cake Toppers

traditional wedding cake topperThe centerpiece of a wedding ceremony is the wedding cake. Multi-tiered concoctions, constructed with the same diligence and creativity that architects lavish on skyscrapers. The wedding cake toppers are the barely noticed after-thoughts – the boringly typical scene of a tiny groom holding the hand of his tiny bride.

Weddings and marriages have evolved, and with that, weddings have changed as well – the wedding cake toppers now have the opportunity to reflect the wit of the wedding party. Comic scenes, nontraditional couplings, and highly stylized sculptures have taken the place of the cute but dull miniature bride and groom.

Wedding Cake Toppers, Like Wedding Couples, Come in All Shapes and Sizes


Below are some more non traditional (dont worry they are safe for work) Wedding cake toppers


This one the Groom is running away while the Bride is grabbing him:

groom running away cake topper

Or another version of the running away groom that is a little more aggressive 🙂


Here we have a skiing cake topper couple

No matter which style you go with it should suite you and your grooms tyle

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