Big Events – Wedding, Anniversary, or Family Reunion

So it is now almost Spring! You are probably thinking , “Wow, I am getting married or having my reunion or anniversary party this Fall in November, and time is flying by!”

We all feel that way, time always seems to move faster and faster as we get closer to our wedding, anniversary, or family reunion event..

We all begin these exciting times of our lives on pins and needles… the excitement of an  engagement time, wedding time, anniversary or or any big event is a time to be cherished..

These types of events bring about many feelings of excitement, nervousness, and joy.

The excitement because soon enough you will have a wonderful, beautiful large event of which all of your family and friends will attend.

About 6-12 mos ahead of our big event you will begin to plan and think through many aspects for your special day.  You will think through whether or not you will have your family and friends celebrate with you at your home, indoors or out.. in your garden or a public garden property, such as a hotel, park or event center.

Once you have decided on a location for your event, things really start to get exciting! NOW you can spend some time researching all the other factors which come together to make your event the special one that it is.

You must make some decisions on the type of decor you are looking for, rustic with farm tables, flowing florals and eclectic linens and dishware, or the most formal of events with silken tablecloths , formal china,  and glass and floral towering branch centerpieces..

The options such as these are endless.  Pick your location, decor style, table choice,  florals, music style, and of course the food you plan to serve all your loved ones. Once you decide on these topics, you will begin to feel like all these pieces of the puzzle are coming together and they will help make your event, wedding or reunion or party, the best it can be.

All of these decisions come together and come from your creativity which is driving the event to fruition and it will be just full to the brim of your own expression.

Treat any event just like your own personal canvas, make it yours just the way you want! Cheers!







Posted by: Lindsey on Category: Events