Do You Really Need A Wedding Cake?

Don’t Let Them Eat Wedding Cake

Wedding_Cake_AlternativeSome couples choose to break the tradition and not have a wedding cake. They may not like cake, or may not want to spend the money, or have some other reason. They do come up with some interesting and elegant alternatives, though.

Alternatives to Wedding Cake

When you choose not to have a wedding cake, you give yourself all kinds of options for serving the dessert. Instead of having a serving line, you can have several smaller tables with a host or hostess at each, or you can place whatever dessert you are serving at the guest tables or seats. It just depends on what you want to serve.

One bride had cake, but instead of a wedding cake, she asked about fifteen friends to bring a cake each. She set the cakes up on several tables and put a tent card in front of each one telling what kind of cake it was. A hostess at each table served the guests. She got a great variety of cakes and most were beautiful. Her friends all wanted to bless her and went all out to make something special for her wedding cake.

Another bride did something similar, but she had a dessert buffet and asked friends to bring any kind of dessert they wanted. That way she had something for the people who don’t care for cake. Instead of wedding cake, you could have the wedding couple’s favorite desserts, sort of “his and her” desserts. Cookies, cupcakes, and petit fours are great wedding cake alternatives. They can be as elegantly decorated as a wedding cake and may be served at guest tables or serving tables. Sometimes they are even stacked up to mimic the look of a traditional wedding cake.

It doesn’t really matter what you serve at your wedding reception. If you’re not going to go with a traditional wedding cake, though, it is nice if you can serve something that has a personal touch.

Cutting the Wedding cake

Even if you don’t have a wedding cake, you will probably want to keep the tradition of “cutting the cake.” Guests enjoy watching this ceremony and cheering as the bride and groom feed each other the first bite of cake.

It’s hard to cut the cake, though, if the “cake” is sugar cookies. One thing you can do is have a small cake just for this ceremony, or you can get creative and still give your guests something to cheer about. What about feeding each other chocolate-dipped strawberries? He could dip one in white chocolate and feed it to her, and she could dip one in dark chocolate and feed it to him. You could even make it a more solemn ceremony and feed each other communion by breaking off a piece of bread, dipping it in the wine, and feeding it to the other.


Big Events – Wedding, Anniversary, or Family Reunion

So it is now almost Spring! You are probably thinking , “Wow, I am getting married or having my reunion or anniversary party this Fall in November, and time is flying by!”

We all feel that way, time always seems to move faster and faster as we get closer to our wedding, anniversary, or family reunion event..

We all begin these exciting times of our lives on pins and needles… the excitement of an  engagement time, wedding time, anniversary or or any big event is a time to be cherished..

These types of events bring about many feelings of excitement, nervousness, and joy.

The excitement because soon enough you will have a wonderful, beautiful large event of which all of your family and friends will attend.

About 6-12 mos ahead of our big event you will begin to plan and think through many aspects for your special day.  You will think through whether or not you will have your family and friends celebrate with you at your home, indoors or out.. in your garden or a public garden property, such as a hotel, park or event center.

Once you have decided on a location for your event, things really start to get exciting! NOW you can spend some time researching all the other factors which come together to make your event the special one that it is.

You must make some decisions on the type of decor you are looking for, rustic with farm tables, flowing florals and eclectic linens and dishware, or the most formal of events with silken tablecloths , formal china,  and glass and floral towering branch centerpieces..

The options such as these are endless.  Pick your location, decor style, table choice,  florals, music style, and of course the food you plan to serve all your loved ones. Once you decide on these topics, you will begin to feel like all these pieces of the puzzle are coming together and they will help make your event, wedding or reunion or party, the best it can be.

All of these decisions come together and come from your creativity which is driving the event to fruition and it will be just full to the brim of your own expression.

Treat any event just like your own personal canvas, make it yours just the way you want! Cheers!







Wedding Cake Toppers

Unconventional Wedding Calls for Unconventional Wedding Cake Toppers

traditional wedding cake topperThe centerpiece of a wedding ceremony is the wedding cake. Multi-tiered concoctions, constructed with the same diligence and creativity that architects lavish on skyscrapers. The wedding cake toppers are the barely noticed after-thoughts – the boringly typical scene of a tiny groom holding the hand of his tiny bride.

Weddings and marriages have evolved, and with that, weddings have changed as well – the wedding cake toppers now have the opportunity to reflect the wit of the wedding party. Comic scenes, nontraditional couplings, and highly stylized sculptures have taken the place of the cute but dull miniature bride and groom.

Wedding Cake Toppers, Like Wedding Couples, Come in All Shapes and Sizes


Below are some more non traditional (dont worry they are safe for work) Wedding cake toppers


This one the Groom is running away while the Bride is grabbing him:

groom running away cake topper

Or another version of the running away groom that is a little more aggressive 🙂


Here we have a skiing cake topper couple

No matter which style you go with it should suite you and your grooms tyle